Anna Nalls CPA

Anna Nalls CPA is focused on providing exceptional business advisory solutions.

Anna Nalls can provide you with financial business solutions that will help you do what you do best.

The Challenge

Anna Nalls CPA previous website was very outdated and had a distinctive mid-2000s look to it. We wanted to bring the site to the modern era and improve the website’s trustworthiness. It needed to look simple – just like your taxes should be. 




The style is clean, using mainly two tones – a light relaxing purple and crisp white. These colors don’t make the site look crowded and stuffed. Added padding creates airiness and allows the user to quickly scroll over the page and find the relevant areas. 

Goals & Objectives

The goal was to organize useful and relevant content, such as documents for the tax season, neatly and beautifully. The site needed to show all the areas of expertise in order to give the potential client a good idea if Anna Nalls CPA is compatible. After the professional part, we wanted to show a little personality with a custom drawing.


The result is a neat-looking page that conveys all the necessary information in the least amount of words. Tax preparation can be complicated, but finding a professional shouldn’t be! Numerous new clients have contacted Anna through the website to ask more questions and use her services.

We love getting new clients. Do you?

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