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that gets your point across.

PRO is all about giving you a complete package – from web design to simple and high quality content – so you can finally stop looking.

Up to 95% of B2B service buyers consider content when evaluating a company.

Having exciting and useful content is the difference between potential clients scanning your site for a few seconds before leaving and staying for longer, getting familiar with your business and contacting you. 

Target locked


Before we start web copywriting, we research your target audience (i.e., the people you would LOVE to have as your clients) and cater precisely to them. We take into consideration their age, demographics, interests, behavior, and more. 

Essentially, knowing the specifics of your target audience means that instead of offering fishing equipment to everyone at the supermarket, you only offer it to the people at the fishing supply aisle. 

You spend less time and effort trying to sell to people who wouldn’t be interested in your service and instead can focus on the people who already have some interest.

That doesn’t mean you won’t spend any time on newcomers, but your focus would shift.

Straight-forward content writing


You need to know what you’re talking about to establish authority, but that doesn’t mean you need to sound complicated and over the top. PRO simplifies your content to make it easily understandable for everybody.

With serious competition come high requirements—people aren’t interested in chewing through your overly complicated text to get to the point. Fresh ideas, simplicity, and brevity are your best friends.
We get straight to the point.

If there were one tip I could give you, it would be this: Your website needs to include noticeable call-to-action buttons that guide your client to the right direction – getting in touch with you should be the most natural thing they’ve ever done.

Optimizing the gripping content


While PRO is creating straightforward and gripping content, we also keep an eye on Search Engine Optimization to formulate great SEO copywriting. We take special consideration as not to stuff the text with keywords and make it look synthetic. Instead, we write content organically in a way that makes sense and flows well. Then, we find the best keywords to match your target audience and edit the content slightly. The naturality ensures the content doesn’t look out of place or “fake.”

PRO is a company that focuses mainly on creating website content writing, but we can also write weekly or monthly blog posts to help you gain a better reputation and show people that you know what you’re talking about.

The average human attention span has declined from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to

8 seconds

Just get to the point — show people what you have.

We love getting new clients. Do you?

We are ready to take on your project. Take a minute to raise your small business to the next level.

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