Livonia Black Car

Livonia Black Car offers a full range service and chauffeured transportation in the city of Chicago.

Alpine Porch Masters is a Chicago-based company that is specialized in correcting porch and balcony violations. They are accustomed to providing clients with necessary plans & permits to get any porch violations corrected in a very timely manner.

The Challenge

Livonia Black Car didn’t have an online presence and they were looking to get more clients through the website. The challenge was to create a website from scratch and make it compete with other big names in the Chicago Black Car industry.



We used a vivid yellow tone for accents throughout the website. The yellow details include titles, buttons, the logo, and icons. The fonts are clean-looking and straightforward as not to overcrowd the page. The menu is structured and shows all the items in which clients are usually interested in. The booking section is clear and features a map to clear the pick-up location.

Goals & Objectives

Livonia Black Car’s primary goals were to have an online presence, get new leads and book reservations online for current and future customers. This was to improve the client satisfaction and make it simple and intuitive to use the site, without unnecessary back-and-forths.


We designed a simple-to-use responsive website for fast online reservations and increased customer engagement.

We continue to grow the Livonia Black Car online presence through engaging content, social media, videos and more.


We love getting new clients. Do you?

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Looking to visit? 5019 W Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL.