Mary O'Leary Immigration Law

A Michigan-based bilingual lawyer focusing on U.S. Immigration and Citizenship law.

The Law Office of Mary O’Leary is a private practice in Michigan that offers full-service immigration help, with special focus on family-based immigration, employment-based permanent and temporary visas, naturalization and citizenship, and asylum.

The Challenge

The previous website was created and last updated in 2008, so it looked outdated and stale. Mary O’Leary was looking for a fresh design that would lift the site up and make the Law Office look more credible and trustworthy online. 



The color scheme has different hues of calming blue, which looks professional and easy on the eyes. The visual side shows immigration-related high-quality images (such as the statue of Liberty indicating becoming an US citizen). The font color is simple white, with the logo being the most intricate part of the website.

We decided to create a one-page website since there wasn’t a lot of content to add while still getting the point across.

Goals & Objectives

The Mary O’Leary Law Office was looking for a presentation site that showcases immigration services. The website needs to convey the professionalism and straight-forwardness of the Law Office itself, while looking presentable and refined.



The Mary O’Leary Law Office website looks modern due to the straight lines, yet classic and elegant. The content flows in an intuitive way, telling the user about the Law Office and their practice areas so the potential clients will immediately know if the Law Office of Mary O’Leary fits their needs. After going through the practice areas, the visitor can read more about Mary O’Leary, and put a face to the name. We then added some useful external resources for extra information, and once they are comfortable with contacting the office, they can easily do so.


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