Porch Masters Chicago

A Chicago-based company that is specialized in correcting porch and balcony violations.

Alpine Porch Masters is a Chicago-based company that is specialized in correcting porch and balcony violations. They are accustomed to providing clients with necessary plans & permits to get any porch violations corrected in a very timely manner.

The Challenge

The Porch Masters old website looked outdated and didn’t get any leads. It was also infected with malware, which meant a lot of traffic came from malicious sites and wasn’t from real potential clients. This caused Search Engines to “punish” the site by pushing it to the bottom of searches, which made it unnoticeable for potential clients.



We used their previously owned logo for the color scheme, using a lot of white and a vibrant yellow for accents, such as for buttons or titles. We used two thin fonts, which are easy to read and don’t look too overcrowded.

Several list options allow visitors to quickly gaze over the text and understand the services offered.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal was to revamp the Porch Masters website, to improve on the Search Engine Optimization and give potential clients a quick overview of the services offered. Porch Masters wanted to emphasize that they can take care of any Chicago Porch Violation quickly and efficiently.



The website looks modern and very to-the-point—as soon as you open the home page, you can tell what the website is about, and the menu items lay out every important part of the business. Porch Masters now receive client inquiries and calls from clients through their website, which did not happen before.


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Looking to visit? 5019 W Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL.